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Free Stickers Club is home to a bunch of currently free stickers gathered from all over the internet. The list on this website includes free stickers, free decals, free magnets and other free sticker-like offers. There are some "free" SASE (self-addressed-stamped-envelope) offers on this list which are reliable but they do cost a stamp and an envelope. Browse all the free stickers below!

RBG Sticker

Just fill out form to sign up for MoveOn's mailing list and get your sticker.

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Sep 23rd 2020 09/23/2020

Hispanic Heritage Month Stickers

Just fill out form to get free stickers. Keep in mind you do not have to donate.

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Sep 17th 2020 09/17/2020

Flagship Flag Sticker

Fill out your name, email then use the auto-updating address finder to enter your mailing address and submit to get your sticker!

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Sep 12th 2020 09/12/2020
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