FAQ Page

Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help you with using Free Stickers Club.

It varies. Once you see a sticker you like on our website, follow the instructions. Most of the time you just fill out a form with your shipping address. Sometimes you have to email them or direct message them on a social network with your shipping address. Other times you send a blank unsealed envelope to yourself and put a stamp on it and place that within an envelope to the company offering the sticker. This envelope is called a self-addressed stamped envelope also know as SASE. Other times you have to buy something, but we mostly avoid sharing those.

Absolutely not. Free Sticker Club only organizes where other companies are offering promotions for free stickers, magnets and so on. We do not ship anything and will not ship you stickers if you ask.

Free sticker promotions come from another company that isn't Free Stickers Club. Our best guess is that it takes 4 to 10 weeks to receive a free sticker, sometimes longer and sometimes sooner. The best thing to do is be patient or you can always reach out to the company that is actually offering the sticker promotion.

Most companies want you to raise awareness about a cause, project or simply their company. When people leave stickers items on water bottles, laptops, fridges, lockers, cars, tables and so on; they tend to get seen by more than one person. Sometimes, a lot of people see them which is what companies want for giving out a free sticker.

There are usually at least a couple hundred valid free sticker offers at any given time. Do the math and add in some patience and you can get a ton of free stickers!

The biggest problem in not getting any free stickers is if you didn't actually sign up or follow the instructions to request them properly. If you did everything right, sometimes companies just run out or forgot to turn off their sticker promotion. The best way to find out is to contact the company offering the free sticker promotion directly to get down to the real answer on a sticker by sticker basis.

You can trust the information on this site as it's constantly updated and we do not collect your information.

Contact us if any more questions!